George Glover Blackmore, Jr.

Profile Updated: April 4, 2015
Class Year: 1973
Residing In: Austin, TX USA
Occupation: Assistant Fire Chief, Austin Fire Department
Children: Kevin, born 1989
Alanna, born 1992
Military Service: usmcr, usafr  
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divorced at end of 2014 w/ 2 kids (26 & 22 as of April 2015) in austin.....bumped around colleges, graduating univ of texas in '79...served as assistant chief w/ austin fire dept (retired 6/2011)....spent time in usmc reserves and usaf to see some of the world...

started at US Merchant Marine Academy in Kingspoint, NY...stayed a year, transferred to UofHouston for 1 semester, then to UT Austin off & on for a few years... finally getting a BA in German Literature in '79

after high school worked some heavy manual labor jobs off & on while attending college...mostly down in houston in construction or at the port of houston....dropped in & out of college a few times to work....working part time while attending UT Austin....after graduating in '79 applied with Austin Fire Dept & stayed with them until retirement in June 2011....have had many assignments as i have promoted up, firefighter, driver/engineer, lieutenant, captain, battalion chief, division asst chief for just a couple more years (couple of years have passed and been retired since June 2011)....firefighting is a calling & still provides a great sense of fulfillment...

served 4 years in USMC reserves as anti-tank assault infantry....never did much but spend weekends out at Ft Hood Tx digging holes, doing patrols, humping thru the woods...after that spent 10 yrs in the USAF reserves as a firefighter and got to go overseas many times during the 15day summer camp (england, germany, korea)....was activated in '91 for desert storm and spent 6 months in phoenix az filling in for firefighters they sent to saudi (was a let down at the time)....enjoyed it until the clinton era downsizing shrunk the military and they cut many firefighter jobs in the reserves...nowhere to go except shreveport la to retain my rank and that was too far to drive, so i got out....better off for it now, but my military service was still valuable to me...

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