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Items include: •Sports clothing•Hoodies•Hats •Coffee Cups•Water-Bottles •Backpacks•Gym Bags•And more



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•   Cheryl Novak (Spear) (1981)  6/24
•   Karen Vitek (Gastler) (1972)  6/22
•   Dennis McGuire (1972)  6/19
•   John Boudreaux (1980)  6/13
•   Patrick Nesbitt (1980)  6/12
•   Julie Baldree (1974)  6/10
•   Patrick Sweeney (1972)  6/10
•   Richard Glyn Boren, Jr. (1970)  5/19
•   Chrisanne Pace (Jenkins) (1970)  5/7
•   Jennifer Sayas (2008)  5/4
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•   Honali Austin (1975)  6/26
•   Colleen Reed (1978)  6/26
•   Mike Allen (1975)  6/27
•   Catherine Marie Creel (Norris) (1971)  6/27
•   Heather Higbee (Woods) (1985)  6/27
•   David L. Mudd (1975)  6/27
•   Bud Alford (1977)  6/28
•   Erika Boerner (Nelson) (1984)  6/28
•   Patricia Carl (1978)  6/28
•   Mary (Anne) Daily (1980)  6/28
•   Leigh Anne Forrest (Parks) (1981)  6/28
•   Greg William Huyser (1972)  6/28
•   Janette Johnson (Rhodes) (1972)  6/28
•   Bradley Klein (1981)  6/28
•   Susan Leiss Dagley (1972)  6/28
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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 24.0%

A:   2726   Joined
B:   8635   Not Joined


Wildcat Wednesday SlideShow!  

April 5, 2017

Launch Slideshow


Class Of 1977 40 Year Reunion

Still Crazy After All These Years???

We're getting ready to have a party, ya'll!  Ticket sales have been amazing with attendees traveling in from, not only all over the great state of Texas...but also, Dubai UAE, Utah, California, Virginia, Kentucky, North Carolina, Arkansas, Colorado, and Arizona...and THAT'S ONLY SO FAR!!  

STILL hearing that some haven't received an email or an invitation.  Would you kindly forward this email to your '77 Wildcat friends?  Those you keep in touch with; those you really don't.   ALL OF THE DETAILS for our reunion are on our class '77 site  home page - and some still don't know we have a class website in addition to the main Westchester Alumni Association website (since 2004).  (Eeeek!  Really?  Really!)   **Please keep your contact info updated on both sites - it's our only way to keep up with you from here on.  Mail outs are too pricey & details to our reunions have been known to change last minute!   

Tic-toc, tic-toc!  Time is slipping by to purchase a ticket at $100 before the price jumps!  

Checks payable to WILDCATS 77

c/o Evelyn Clark

Vahle, Inc.  /  1169 Brittmoore Road  /  Houston, Texas 77043

If you plan to lodge at Hyatt, we highly encourage you to reserve your room now for discounted rooms.  Consider that you can always cancel later if something comes up.  We have steep competition with two other larger ballrooms in use that weekend.  Here's the link!  Do it!

**YES, of course!  Classmates from other Westchester classes are welcome to join us!  We hear over and over and over again that many classes & other high schools are disappointed that they don't have reunions.  Your guests are welcome to join us as honorary Wildcats '77!

**Do YOU have photos from '73-'77?  Please scan in high res .jpg and send to us.  We'd love to have them regardless if you plan to attend the reunion or not.

**Wanna volunteer?  Yes, we need you.  Let us know!  

**Afraid you'll show up & not recognize a soul?  Well first, we look a little different with 40 years "maturity" on us, so give us a break, will ya?  You can't use that excuse.  I'm ready to back away from this computer...and celebrate our 40th year since graduation!  Who'll join us?   


'77 Wildcat Reunion Committee

If you wish to make a donation to the Westchester Alumni Association's Student Scholarship Fund please follow the instructions below.    

Electronic Donations

  1. Electronic tax deductible scholarship donations may be made online using a credit card  by clicking the orange button below.
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  3. A list of donation choices will appear on the webpage.  The Westchester Alumni Association Scholarship Fund (WAA) is the 8th item on the list.
  4. Please click the donate button beside the WAA name and follow the further instructions on the site.  You do not need a PayPal Account to donate you can use your personal credit card.


Donations by Check:

Checks can be mailed to the Westchester Alumni Association at:

        Westchester Alumni Association, Inc.
        Westchester Student Scholarship Fund
       5373 West Alabama Street, Suite 209      Houston, TX  77056-5923


 Now is the time to renew your membership

in the Westchester Alumni Association

Annual Membership dues are only $20.

Renew your annual membership dues by clicking on the "WAA Membership Form" link on the top of our website.  If you are already one of our 60 Lifetime Members, thank you! 

Lifetime Memberships are $250 for an individual or $450 for a couple.  $100 of each Lifetime Membership goes directly to our Scholarship Endowment Fund and $100 to the Scholarship Fund for Class of 2016.  

Membership dues (check or credit card) can be mailed to:

Westchester Alumni Association, Inc.
5373 West Alabama Street, Suite 209
Houston, TX 77056-5923.  

To Pay by credit/debit card:  see instructions on membership form.

Please include your completed 2016 membership form.

For tax deductible payments of dues and scholarship donations - donate button through the Spring Branch Education Foundation or click on our Westchester donate button (on the right hand menu) so your donation flows through to our scholarship fund. 

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Your membership dues pay for the following:

(1) Maintaining our website.

(2) Costs for our annual all-classes reunion and Wildcat Wednesdays.

(3) Service fees for credit cards as a method of payment for membership fees and scholarship donations.

(4) All Scholarship expenses (postage, name plates, plaques, and presentation folders) are paid via our membership dues.  Scholarship donations are 100% dedicated to scholarships.


Thank you for your continued support of our

Westchester Alumni Association!


National Hsipanic Scholars Recognition

Seventeen SBISD students were named finalists in the annual National Hispanic Recognition program. These students, also known as National Hispanic Scholars, include

Westchester Academy for International Studies two finalists in this category Adam Kassir and Jabob Saenz.

To earn this highly regarded recognition, students must be at least one-quarter of Hispanic/Latino descent, attain a high performance level on the PSAT, and have a GPA of 3.0 or higher at the end of their junior year. About 5,000 students nationally earn this recognition.

Westchester is now authorized to offer International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme for Grades SIX through Twelve!!

Only 13 schools in the state of Texas offer both middle school and high school programs.

Many consider the IB curriculum the best curriculum in the world.

Shaun Wegscheid (a Westchester grad and now faculty member at Westchester) worked alongside many other Westchester staff members to bring this excellent opportunity to Westchester students.