Event Details

Our Westchester 50th anniversary celebration will be on



  • The hotel is located just east of Dairy Ashford.  We were impressed with everything and think it will work perfectly for our event. 
  • Please start getting the word out and post on your social media esp. if your class has a facebook page. 
  • We will still be accepting donations through the night of the event. 

 A huge thank you to Brenda Spurlock Edmonds (1971) for getting all the information from different hotels and making all the calls!  NOW SPREAD THE WORD AND MARK YOUR CALENDAR.


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WAA Board of Directors

Many thanks to those of you who helped underwrite the celebration of our Westchester 50th Anniversary! 
The updated class totals are as follows:                                                                

 1968                            $1,100 
1969                                 300
1970                                 320
1971                                 862
1972                                 300
1973                              3,349
1974                                 200
1975                                 425
1976                                 500
1977                                 100
1985                                 150

We are continuing to receive assistance with underwriting this event, so it is not too late for you to mail a check or pay by credit card as follows:  

Westchester 50th Anniversary

If paying by check, please make it payable to the "Westchester Alumni Association, Inc."
and mail it to:

Westchester Alumni Association, Inc.
5373 W. Alabama, Suite 209
Houston, TX 77056-5923

If paying by credit card, please call Deal Moore (Class of ’70), our WAA Treasurer,
with your information at 713-222-7584

email the following information, if you feel your information is secure, 
to Deal Moore as follows: .

This information may also be faxed to Deal at 713-222-9404.

Charge $_____________ to card #: __________________________________

Expiration: ____/_____

Sec. Code: _______

Name on Card (Printed): _________________________________
Address: ______________________________________________
City: _____________________________, State: ____________ Zip________
Email address for receiving a Receipt: ____________________________________

Signature: _______________________________________

Class of ________