In Memory

Travis Edward McMillan - Class Of 1973

Travis Edward McMillan
January 10, 1955 – August 31, 2000
Travis was born January 10, 1955 in New Orleans to Autry and Rowena Stephens McMillan.   I first met Travis on Halloween 1969 – our freshman year of high school. We became “buds” along with Jeff Klorer, Tom Drechsel, Mark Baize and Richard Gillmore. Mark & Richard moved out of Houston while we were still in high school but Jeff, Tom & I remained close friends. Our high school “gang” morphed to include Sue Hur, Randy Rea, Mike Borowiak and Jeff Edwards to name a few.   Travis was a member of my family. Since his Dad had been transferred to Indonesia and after his Mother had moved to join Autry, Travis stayed with my family for the summer after graduation and before he started classes at Texas State Technical Institute. He was my “adopted brother”.
Travis met and married Angie Langston and that union produced James A. McMillan. We are proud that James graduated from Stratford High School in May 2002 and is enjoying college at Oklahoma State.  
Travis was a very gifted in auto mechanic. He could fix just about anything mechanical. In 1985, Travis moved to Overton, Texas to be close to his father. He married Laura on January 10, 1997 – on his birthday so he would never forget their anniversary.    He died just 3 ½ years later after attending The Who concert in Dallas.
We all miss Travis’ laughter, his ability to decipher any engine, and his famous overalls.