In Memory

William Thomas Underwood - Class Of 1973

Not sure when Bill arrived at Westchester, I believe it
was in the spring of our sophomore year. A funny, funny guy. Whether
cracking a joke or telling a story, Bill was always talking and had lots
of energy. We played basketball together during our junior year, and the
guys on that team won't forget Bill's famous half time speech, when he
advised the JV coach that we should apply the "wishbone" formation to our
offense. Don't think the coach appreciated it, but it still makes me
laugh. Bill and I spent one high school summer working alone together on
the abandoned oil fields down in Dickinson. I will always remember Bill
driving the Gulf Freeway, at about 110 in his 65' Thunderbird, singing the
words to "Summer Breeze" while enjoying a smoke. Sadly, Bill died before
our 10th reunion. I've missed him, will miss him tonight, will miss him