In Memory

Douglas Norman Tate - Class Of 1974

Age at Death: 43
Cause of Death: suicide
Classmate City: Austin
Classmate State: TX
Classmate Country: USA
Survived By: parents, Harold and Pauline Tate siblings, Hank Tate, Pam Tate Daams, Paula Tate Pedrick, John Tate, Charis Tate Cranford he had no children

DOUG TATE was my older brother and a member of Westchester Class of '74 I just moved and emptied the boxes of his that I have last night and discovered that he had the panoramic picture of the Westchester Class of '74... I'd like to post it to FB so that people could tag each other, but I would need to become friends with some of the class members on FB so that somebody could begin the tagging. Doug was an incredible brother, I loved him dearly, I miss him daily, and I know he had a number of friends who don't know that he died.

 Charis Cranford!/profile.php?ref=profile&id=670906313

Pictures of Doug and the Class of 1974 are shown on Charis's Facebook page at the link above.