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03/05/10 06:00 PM #1    


John Wayne Robinson (1972)

Looking for Mindy Davis anyone know where she is contact me at

05/06/10 12:45 PM #2    


David Alan Lee (1971)

WHS first class valedictorian, Diane Wood, '68, is on the short list to be nominated by President Obama for the U.S. Supreme Court. Keep your fingers crossed and we might have a Westchester graduate on the Supreme Court.

From the first Miacis.

05/16/10 05:48 PM #3    

Janet L. Wells (1970)

This is awesome!! keep us posted!

09/21/10 01:27 PM #4    

Randal Lee Farnsworth (1974)

Timothy McMillan passed away Sept. 13, 2010 and his funeral was Sept. 18, 2010. I sent a email and the webmaster posted a sympathy note on Houston Chronicle Legacy website.

Just to let everyone else aware.

I knew Tim since 1963 and we stayed close our entire lives.

Randy Farnsworth

09/28/10 03:10 PM #5    

Ralph Ross Devine, II (1973)


Six Alumni to be Honored at Distinguished Alumnus Awards

The Texas Exes will honor six alumni at the 2010 Distinguished Alumnus Award ceremony on Oct. 22 on the UT campus, and tickets to the event are still available for purchase. This year’s recipients are: Houston-based attorney David Beck, Houston-based philanthropist Ernest Cockrell, Austin-based attorney Hector De Leon, Dallas-based Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly, Dallas-based community leader Elizabeth (Libba) Shatto Massey, and
Chicago-based Judge Diane Wood. They are recognized for distinguishing themselves professionally and through service to the University. In addition, this year a special Distinguished Service Award will be presented to University of Texas men’s athletics director DeLoss Dodds. The Distinguished Service Award recognizes meritorious service to the University. It is the highest honor that can be bestowed upon a non-alumnus of the University.
The Honorable Diane P. Wood
BA 1971, JD 1975
Circuit Judge, United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit
Chicago, IL
Judge Wood received her bachelor's degree in Plan II with highest honors and special honors in English from The University of Texas at Austin in 1971 and her law degree from the University in 1975. She has spent 15 years on the federal bench, having been appointed to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit by President Bill Clinton in June 1995. She also has been a leading contender to fill the two most recent U.S. Supreme Court vacancies.
Previously, Judge Wood was among the first women selected for the University of Chicago Law School faculty, and she served as the school's associate dean from 1989 to 1992. In 1990, she became the first woman at the school to be honored with a named chair, the Harold J. and Marion F. Green Chair in the International Legal Studies. Since joining the Seventh Circuit, she has continued to teach at the university as a senior lecturer.
A distinguished legal scholar, Judge Wood focuses on international trade and business, federal civil procedure and antitrust law. She has lectured in all three areas for audiences around the world, often in one of the several foreign languages she speaks fluently.

04/11/11 04:59 PM #6    

Nancy Kay Adams Mullikin (Adamo) (1975)

 Please pray for Michael Moss, class of 1975 and Betsy Busby Moss, Stratford class of 1976, in the death of their son, Morgan Moss, in a tragic car accident. Please go to the website for more information.

09/24/11 05:21 PM #7    

Cathy Chester (White) (1971)

Regarding 1971 graduates - do any of you live in the east Texas area?  cathy chester white 

05/12/12 10:39 AM #8    

Marsha Lynn Taylor (Lloyd) (1970)

Does anyone know what became of Chuck Werner, class of 1970? Please contact me @ if you  know anything.

01/27/13 02:36 AM #9    

Kathie Derden (Bailey) (1983)


Sally Low was class of 1983 and has older siblings that went to WHS, one of them Jeff Low class of 1973. 

~~~ NEWS FLASH ~~~

One Kidney Needed!

Our dear, precious Sally is once again in need of a kidney transplant. She has been on the transplant list for several months with the likely prospect of it taking several more months before a kidney becomes available. A kidney from a living donor is the best option for Sally. Because of problems in the past, Sally is unable to receive a kidney directly from a blood relative. There is a swab program, which is an option, but it would most likely take longer and time is of the essence, We want to get the word out and let everyone know about her situation. We respect that donating a kidney is a very personal subject and everyone has their own feelings about it. If you, or someone you know, wants to find out more about the process, please contact the Living Donor Center at the Methodist Hospital at 713-441-8900. 

If you are unfamiliar with Sally's story, the following is a quick summary:

Sally's Journey

Eighteen years ago, Sally's journey began when she noticed her normally thin legs and feet were quickly getting more and more swollen. A visit to the doctor's office landed her in the hospital for testing. For the majority of the year, Sally would reluctantly call the Methodist Hospital her home. She would endure biopsies, multiple central lines, dialysis, chemotherapy, septic shock, and the list goes on... The worst news to come was that her heart was in distress. Sally needed a kidney ASAP. Testing revealed that her brother, Billy was a perfect match and he generously gave the gift of life to his little sister. Unfortunately, this perfect match was only a very temporary fix. Whatever mysterious disease it was that destroyed Sally's kidneys would also destroy Billy's. Sally soon lost this precious kidney. She was put on dialysis for a year and a half. After a few disappointing false alarms, the call finally came. There was a tragic motorcycle accident. A young man lost his life, but his family chose to donate his organs. This incredibly kind donation has allowed Sally to live a nearly normal life for over 15 years. She has protected this kidney so well that its lifespan has been much longer than expected. This past summer there were signs of trouble which resulted in Sally once again being put on the transplant list. The hope was that this kidney would continue to surprise us and last many more months, but now this wonderful gift is all but exhausted. Sally's health is deteriorating. Her doctors advised her that her best option is a kidney from a living donor. A kidney from a living donor offers many benefits. It typically lasts longer, and starts to function immediately. There is a lesser chance of rejection and it allows more control over the timing of the transplant,. At this point, there are a few people who have come forward to start the process to potentially donate a kidney, and sadly, one has already been denied. We know that God is walking through this entire process with Sally. We are asking and believing in Him to provide the right kidney in His timing. Please keep Sally in your prayers

02/03/13 11:40 AM #10    


Kim Richard Olivere (1972)

Hello everybody of the class of 72, I have been thing a lot lately of my school days and remenber very little.So help me bring back some memories.I attend all 4years at westchester so memories of any those years would be nice.  One of my trips to China  (great wall)

             KIM OLIVERE

04/12/13 10:36 AM #11    

Mac Pafford (1983)

Class of 1983 30 Year Reunion!!!

Friday, July 26th
An Informal Gathering at
Shakespeare Pub: 14129 Memorial Dr.
6pm until: Your old body poops out

Saturday, July 27th
A Casual/Business Casual Event
TopGolf: 1030 Memorial Brook Blvd. Phone: (281) 406-3176
6PM until 11PM
We have rented the North & South Signature Rooms to make one large room to accommodate us.

Please visit for full details.

Topgolf is very similar to darts or bowling, but with a golf club, a real driving range (AND more) with targets you hit with a golf ball that has GPS tracking to keep your score! You don’t have to be an experienced golfer because it is all about having fun!!

Golfing games will run from 8pm until 10pm
RSVP and prepayment required

Dinner is buffet style and will contain 2 entrée’s and 3 side dishes, dessert and non-alcoholic beverages
RSVP and prepayment required

Cash Bar

Golf and Dinner $75.00 RSVP Required by May 1st
Dinner Only: $50.00 RSVP by June 15th

Checks can be mailed to:
Renee Zgarba
1535 W 23rd Street
Houston, TX 77008

Credit Card Payments:

12/10/13 12:41 PM #12    

Jane "Janie" Elaine Bennett (Leach) (1973)

Mike Favela passed away in Austin Tx, last Sat.  His celebration of life is this Sat. Dec. 14 at Cook-Walden Funeral home in Austin.  It will be in the papers on Thursday.

06/29/14 06:14 PM #13    

Frank Mahlon Baker Jr. (1973)

Frank Baker is a Grandpa.

03/14/15 12:10 PM #14    

Janet L. Wells (1970)

WHS Alumni! Could you please join us on Saturday, April 11th at 1:00 p.m.,  for an All-Class Special Event, celebrating the 50th Year Anniversary of the Astrodome!?

We would also like to honor our band director John Hammerle for his 50th year anniversay of conducting!   So if any of you played in the band we are organizing a mini-concert... NO uniforms, NO marching! just a fun gathering and pulling off a few tunesPlease accept the invite now and message me to let me know if you and any children/grandchildren who play an instrument can join us!

Here is the link:

Thanks, and I hope to see you there!
Janet Wells (Class of 70)

03/15/15 11:37 AM #15    

Carolyn Gardner Camp (Bates) (1974)

James Michael "Jamie" Brooks, 57, Stratford '75, younger brother of Neil Brooks, WHS '74, passed away on March 5, 2015, from cancer.

04/15/15 09:37 AM #16    


William J. Bighouse (1983)

I am writing this email at a troubled time.  This post is about my brother, Bob, a 1973 Graduate of Westchester Sr. High.  I will attach this link in hopes other Alumni who knew him will find it.

I will thank you all in advance.



02/02/16 12:07 PM #17    


Scott Andrew Underwood (2007)

Good Morning! If you are interested in being on the Westchester Alumni Association, Inc. 2016 Scholarship Committee, please email me at

12/10/16 09:56 AM #18    

Lauri White (Ramsey) (1977)

Class of 1977 ~ we've got a reunion planned!  September 29-30, 2017.  For more details, please check out!  Additionally - all others!  You are more than welcome to join us if you have interest!  Again, contact us on website above!  

03/05/17 07:33 AM #19    

Nancy Stark (Stevenson) (1972)

Does anyone know if the class of 1972 is having a 45th year class reunion this year? Can we be that old?



03/06/17 10:04 AM #20    

Kerry Jo Miller (Morby) (1972)


The class of '72 has been "discussing" a possible 45th class reunion the weekend of Sept. 29-30.  :)  There is a closed Facebook page dedicated to the Class of '72 that you can join to get in on the details as they progress:

03/06/17 12:12 PM #21    

Malinn Kay Boswell (Saxe) (1972)


Yes, we are definitely having a 45 year reunion.  I have been involved with Cyndi Wilson and Audrey Fox finding a venue, band, etc.  Gathering will be fairly casual and on the night of the 30th.  Still working on what other events there might be!



03/06/17 12:21 PM #22    

Candace Gay Hibbard (Lillie) (1972)

Lively discussion on facebook.

03/07/17 06:59 AM #23    

Nancy Stark (Stevenson) (1972)

Is that a definite date--September 30th for our 45th Reunion?

03/07/17 11:22 AM #24    

Malinn Kay Boswell (Saxe) (1972)

Nancy - yes, Cyndi Wilson has designated that as being the date!

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