WAA Tresurer's Report

October 12, 2015

To the WAA Board

Re:     Treasurer’s Report for September 2015

It was decided at our Board meeting in September to split the balance remaining in our 2015 Scholarships fund between the 2016 Scholarships fund and the Endowment fund.  This is where we stand today:

Cadence Bank – Checking


Capital One 360 – Unrestricted


Capital One 360 – Endowment


Capital One 360 – 1976


Capital One 360 – Wranglerettes


Capital One 360 – 2016 Scholarships






Our newest board member Paul Granero ’84 officially joined the Association in September and made a $30 donation to the 2016 Scholarship fund.  Thank you Paul and for your help investigating 501(c)3 status for our scholarship donations.

Board President Ralph Devine ’73 reports that our year to date web site store sales has generated a $35 donation to the Association.  We expect our first check soon.  Westchester T-shirts should be high on all of our shopping lists.  It is the appropriate dress code for the all class reunion later this month.

Get your orange on!

Best regards,

Deal Moore ‘70  WAA Tresurer